The Blockchain Arcade

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Play & Earn

Earn while you play! Earn rewards for completing levels, winning high-score competitions, and more. Not into gaming? You earn rewards just for holding the ChainCade token. 

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NFT Drops

For every new game released on ChainCade, an exclusive NFT collection will accompany it. NFT vouchers will also be available to purchase for access to special features on the platform.

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Game Developer Program

Show off your creative side and get paid to have your game showcased on our platform. Our game developer program welcomes all creative input and rewards you for your work.

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4% Redistribution

Earn passive rewards through static reflection. No staking required, watch your tokens grow as you HODL. The burn address also receives the redistribution, decreasing the total supply over time.

2% Automatic LP

Every trade contributes toward automatically generating liquidity, benefiting investors by creating a stable price floor thus decreasing the impact of large sell-offs.

4% Gamers Wallet

All projects require funding for further development and growth. Our gamers wallet was designed with this in mind and will fund our gaming rewards, developer program, giveaways, and more.

Total Supply

1 Quadrillion Initial Supply

10% Tax on Transactions

4% redistributed to holders, 2% automatic LP, 4% to the gamers wallet

Bep-20 Token

Launched on Binance Smart Chain and available to trade on PancakeSwap



Love retro arcade games? Build games or have ideas? Interested in joining the team? Reach out to us.

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