Our Story

The Bulls On The Block

The BOTB team originally met in the BAYC community and we were amazed by the power of a community like theirs. We got together to brainstorm about some fun activities for a community and came up with the idea of Bulls on the Block, the first NFT community with a wallet. Since then, our vision for merging beautiful NFT art with DeFi infrastructure has expanded tremendously.

The Bears On The Block

After the Bulls came the Bears. The Bears On The Block was a companion drop for our community. For every Bull held, the holder was able to mint a Bear with matching token ID. The Bears were free (except gas) and the traits were totally random. We have big plans for Bears On The Block.

Our Defining Moment

Due to conflicts within the co-founding team, we reached a point a few months after launch that bordered on a near-death experience. The strength of our community and the love our co-founding team has for the project prevailed, however, and we evolved. We evolved our artwork, the brand, the roadmap, and our thinking about what it takes to lead our amazing community to the next level.

Rising from the Ashes

It didn’t take Rui long to start chronicling our history through art. He added a strip to our Comic Series to document the moment when the Bulls were at their lowest point, and then he added a 1 of 1 Phoenix Bull to the new Evolved Bull collection to commemorate our rise from the ashes, stronger than we’ve ever been.

The Bulls Evolve

Not long after the original Bulls On The Block collection dropped, Rui already had visions of an “evolved” bull that would set a new standard of artistic detail in the generative NFT space. He has been hard at work for many weeks working on Evolved Bulls, and we couldn’t be more excited to see them charge out into the world! 

How To Evolve Your Bull

To evolve your OG Bull, you’ll lock it in The Vault for one year. In return, you’ll receive an evolved version of your OG Bull. Your Evolved Bull has a number of utilities, including:

  • An Evolved Bull represents ownership in 2 NFTs. You can re-claim your vaulted OG Bull after one year.
  • Evolved Bulls can be staked. A staked Evolved Bull earns BULL token staking rewards.
  • Evolved Bull holders will be airdropped BULL tokens for each
  • Evolved Bull held.
  • Evolved Bulls allow you to vote on BullDAO proposals.
  • Evolved Bulls give you free access to all BullCon events and BOTB Academy educational programs.
  • Evolved Bulls allow you to receive companion NFT drops from Rui and other top artists with whom BOTB does collabs.
  • Evolved Bulls give you early access to generative NFT projects launched out of BullsEye, the BOTB accelerator.
  • Evolved Bulls entitle you to loyalty discounts on the BOTB merch store and with BOTB partners.

Evolved Art.

Rui Duarte, one of the most well-known artists in the NFT space, has truly outdone himself. The level of detail he has introduced with the Evolved Bulls will hopefully set a new artistic standard for generative NFTs.

The BullDAO

We were one of the first generative projects to introduce the idea of a community wallet. Since our initial launch, we’ve accumulated over 100ETH on behalf of our community, setting those funds aside in their own wallet, to be controlled 100% by the community. Additionally, we have specified a 5% transaction fee for all secondary sales on OpenSea, 2% of which will go to the community wallet,  2% to the BOTB Team Wallet, and 1% to the co-founding team.

The BullDAO is a voting portal that allows community members to vote on a wide range of proposals, including proposals to withdraw funds from the community wallet.

What is the Gold Mutation?

Evolution always involves mutations. That’s what makes evolution possible. Our evolved bulls wouldn’t be complete without a mutation that allows some of them to become better.

About .5% of the OG Bulls will mutate into Golden Bulls. These mutations are totally random. Any one of the 10K original Bull NFTs has an equal chance of mutating into a Golden Bull.

Is the NFT space ready for the Golden Evolved Bull?

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